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4.8/5 Stars
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Commercial Lease
4.8/5 client rating
SaaS Agreement
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Service Contract
4.8/5 client rating
Consulting Agreement
4.8/5 client rating
4.8/5 client rating
Prenuptial Agreement
4.8/5 client rating
Asset Purchase Agreement
4.8/5 client rating
Operating Agreement
4.8/5 client rating
Partnership Agreement
4.8/5 client rating
Employment Contract
4.8/5 client rating
Convertible Note
4.8/5 client rating
Buy-Sell Agreement
4.8/5 client rating
I found Contracts Counsel through a Google search. After reading reviews and researching the platform, I created a project to find a lawyer for my photography business. The straightforward process allowed me to chat with lawyers and find the right one for me. I'm very happy with my investment as my lawyer has been insightful and helpful. I highly recommend Contracts Counsel to other small business owners.

Brey Fremgen

Owner, Yosemite's Golden Photography


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ContractsCounsel helped me find a lawyer to draft a contract for my startup. I had a contract and wanted to run it by a lawyer familiar with my industry.

ContractsCounsel was able to get me 6 bids in less than a day and I was able to find the right lawyer at the right price. Would recommend the service.

I'm so glad I found ContractsCounsel to help me with a Service Agreement for my pet care startup.  

After scouring the internet for a contract attorney who was vetted, verified and would work with my limited budget, I was happy to discover Contracts Counsel had exactly what I needed.

Many other services required a lot of my information and lengthy questionnaire which I didn’t know how to answer because I wasn’t sure what I needed.

I just wanted to briefly explain my specific situation and have someone tell me the right thing to do. Luckily I found ContractsCounsel, Inc.

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